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Learn how to build a marketing funnel, create a lead magnet, grow your audience, and sell with confidence. By the end of the program, you will have the foundations you need to start selling your course on Thinkific.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Accelerator Replays

    • Think in Color Accelerator Replays

  • 2

    Week 1: Digital Product Landscape and Building your Marketing Funnel

    • Week 1 - Foundation to online learning and marketing funnels

  • 3

    Week 2: Pick Your Winning Topic & Market Research

    • Week 2: Defining your expertise and introduction to lead magnets

  • 4

    Week 3: Building Your Lead Magnet & Strategy

    • Week 3: Understanding the different types of digital products

  • 5

    Week 4: Building & Growing Your Community

    • Testing your idea in a community of like-minded people

  • 6

    Week 5: Selling Your Offer & The Winning Mindset

    • How to successfully sell your product with the right mindset! With guest speaker Allyson Byrd

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