Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Think in Color 2021!

    • Welcome to the Think in Color replays!

    • Introduce yourself to the community!

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    Day 1: Replays

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    • 1.1 Allyson Byrd - Digital Disruption: 3 Ways to Make MORE Money, Bring Meaning and Craft Your Message for Your Million Dollar Payday

    • Live Q&A with Allyson Byrd

    • 1.2 Destinee Berman- Accelerate Your Online Business With A Profitable Course

    • Live Q&A with Destinee Berman

    • 1.3 Tonya Rapley- Positioning Yourself as the Go-To Person In Your Industry

    • Live Q&A with Tonya Rapley

    • 1.4 Katherine Hanrahan- How to Design and Automate Your Next Level Membership

    • Live Q&A with Katherine Hanrahan

    • 1.5 Kyshira Moffett - Supercharge Your Marketing Funnel

    • Live Q&A with Kyshira Moffett

    • 1.6 Puno-How to Design Your Online Course

    • Live Q&A with Puno

    • 1.7 Afua Osei -Securing Your Very First Brand Partnership

    • Live Q&A with Afua Osei

    • 1.8 Grace Duffy - Build a Live Streaming Strategy That Drives ROI

    • Live Q&A with Grace Duffy

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    Day 2: Replays

    • Think in Color Bonus- Join our FREE accelerator

    • Panel Discussion with Sydney Montgomery and Roxanne Jarrett

    • 2.1 Glo Atanmo- How to Stay on Course to Pave Your Unique Entrepreneurial Journey

    • Live Q&A with Glo Atanmo

    • 2.2 Annie Atherton - Owning Your Niche: Why Narrowing Your Focus is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Company

    • Live Q&A with Annie Atherton

    • 2.3 Koereyelle DuBose - How to Monetize Your Mission in Multiple Ways

    • Live Q&A with Koereyelle DuBose

    • 2.4 Latasha James- Cohort-Based Learning: The Future of Courses

    • Live Q&A with Latasha James

    • 2.5 Yasmine Salem Hamdan -The Copycat Curse: How to Avoid Infringement as a Digital Product Creator

    • 2.6 Isis Woods - Magnetic Memberships: How to Get Your Members to STAY and Engage!

    • Live Q&A with Isis Woods

    • 2.7 Candace Junée - How to Position Your Course as a High-Ticket Signature Offer

    • Live Q&A with Candace Junée

    • 2.8 XayLi Barclay- Mastering Your Video Set Up for Any Stage of The Online Course Journey

    • Live Q&A with XayLi Barclay

    • Think in Color Bonus- Join our FREE accelerator

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