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Course curriculum

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    Day 1: July 14 Replays

    • 1.1 Think in Color bonus offer!

    • 1.2 Tieko Nejon - Emotional Wellness & Willingness: Emotional Wellness & Willingness: Understanding the Importance of Matching Behavior to Emotions

    • 1.3 Egypt Sherrod - The Shift: Rebranding, Reinventing and Redefining your Business

    • 1.4 Yetunde Shorters - Defining Your Brand Purpose and Creating Content That Gets You Respected and Paid

    • 1.5 Tiyana Robinson - From Beauty Pro To Beauty MOGUL : How To Build A Six Figure Beauty Business By Launching Your First Online Course (The Easy Way!)

    • 1.6 Goldie Chan - Weathering The Storm: Building Your Brand Pre and Post-COVID 19

    • 1.7 Kyshira Moffett - Creating Content That Converts: Strategies For Leveraging Your Content To Sell Your Course

    • 1.8 Rosezena Pierce - Secure The Brand® via Trademark Law: Tips on Why It's Important To Secure Your Brand As A Small Business Owner

    • 1.9 Tara Paton - How to Avoid the 5 Rookie Mistakes Even Seasoned Entrepreneurs Make

    • 1.10 BONUS - Start building your online course!

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    Day 2: July 15 Replays

    • 2.1 BONUS - Apply your learning now!

    • 2.2 Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche - How To Scale Your Membership Site and Build An Engaged Online Community

    • 2.3 Candace Junee' - How to Use Personalization and Automation to Build Paying Loyal Customers

    • 2.4 Tiffany Latoi - Structure your Business for Success: How To Choose A Legal Business Structure

    • 2.5 Marta Emerson - How To Make Over $25,000 A Month Without Investing In Advertisement With YouTube.

    • 2.6 Maya Elious - Become One Of The Highest Paid Experts In Your Industry & Take Your Business To Six-Figures In One Year

    • 2.7 Shamieka Dean - Learning, Launching and Leveraging LIVE video: How To Build a Connection With Your Audience During LIVE Video

    • 2.8 Jam Gamble - #SlayTheMic: How To Make Your Voice Your Ultimate Superpower

    • 2.9 BONUS - Join the Think in Color Accelerator!

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    Day 3: July 16 Replays

    • 3.1 BONUS - Apply your learning now!

    • 3.2 Danielle Leslie - Founder and CEO of Culture Ad Labs

    • 3.3 Rochelle Graham - I'm Every Women: Living a Balanced Life and Creating a Successful Mindset

    • 3.4 Morgan Owens - How To Be Professional Pretty: Learn how to navigate your own barriers and find your tribe

    • 3.5 XayLi Barclay - How To Set-up and Record Video For Your Online Course

    • 3.6 Afua Osei - Expanding To An International Audience

    • 3.6 Tasha Cochran - Planning for Profits: How to Do Well & Do Good

    • 3.7 Keisha Greaves - From Chronic illness to Inspiration: How To Craft a Strong Brand From Your Personal Story

    • 3.8 BONUS - Join the Think in Color Accelerator!

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